Slam Corp is a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) led by renowned investor and World Series Champion Alex Rodriguez and Himanshu Gulati, founder and chairman of Antara Capital. Slam Corp is seeking to acquire an established leader in the sports, media, entertainment, or health and wellness sectors that has, via compelling technology, opportunities for future profitable growth. An equal partnership between A-Rod Corp and Antara Capital, Slam Corp is committed to provide more than just financial capital—intellectual capital, strategic advice, and valuable connections—to position an acquired company for long-term profitable growth.

Alex Rodriguez, and Himanshu Gulati

Track Record of Value and Creativity:

Our Founding Partners have created billions of dollars of value over the course of their investing careers. They bring to Slam Corp:

  • Expertise investing in SPAC and PIPE Market, including:
    • Quantumscape (NYSE: QS)
    • Hims, Inc. (NYSE: HIMS)
    • Innoviz Technologies Ltd.
    • Archer Aviation
  • Agility and superior performance across various and changing economic cycles
  • Track record of strategic partnership, not simply capital providers
  • Rigor in fundamental research and analysis
  • Excellence in structuring transitions that maximize shareholder value